Dustless Sanding with the Radius 360 Air

HeaderThe Radius 360° Air from Full Circle International has created a new industry standard for dustless sanding. This dustless sanding system comes equipped with top of the line tools that ensure a 98% dustless work environment.

The entire system consists of:
(1) Radius 360° Air Dustless Sanding Tool
(1) Flex Air Dustless Sanding Tool
(1) 2-piece Pole Assembly
(1) Orbiting Adapter Handle
(1) Hose Assembly with assorted fittings for vacuum connections
(1) Set of Radius 360 Sanding Discs: 150, 180, 220 Grit
(1) Set of Flex Air Sanding Paper: 150, 180, 220 Grit
(1) Pair of Flex Air Foam Abrasives: Fine and Medium

Radius 360° Air
This state of the art tool is designed for quick easy movement and full range of motion. The multi-patented pivot joint, lightweight build, and quick change hub make sanding with the Radius 360° Air a nearly effortless experience, unseen with any other sanding tool.
Radius 360 Air

Flex Air
The Flex Air is the perfect tool for corner and detail sanding. The “no flip” patented pole swivel is designed to keep the Flex Air in a working position for ease of use and uninterrupted sanding.
Flex Air

Orbiting Adapter Handle
This patent-pending unique design provides the user with effortless, hassle-free sanding capabilities.
Orbiting Handle2More Details
For more information, visit us online at JobsiteReady.com or check out these videos below.

Full Circle Dustless Sanding System:

Unboxing Full Circle Dustless Sanding System:


A Close Look at Sheetrock Tools Drywall Taping Knives

USG Sheetrock Tools on TextureHave you ever wondered why there are so many variations of Sheetrock Tools drywall taping knives? Why someone may prefer a blue steel knife, while others may swear by a stainless steel blade? Have you ever been curious how the handles and grips of the knives vary? Or what advantages one grip may have over another? These are all good questions to ask.

In this article, we will cover the primary differences between the Sheetrock Tools drywall taping knives. We will explore the assortment of steels used and how they differ from one another, as well as the differences in handle type and placement.


You will find that a Sheetrock Tools taping knife comes in one of three types of steel: Stainless Steel, Blue Steel, or High Carbon Steel. Each of these types of steel have their unique benefits and come in a varying range of sizes.

There are two primary elements that differentiate each of these steels, flexibility and durability. It is these two elements that we will use to compare the three steel blades.


Stainless Steel:

Flexibility – This is the most rigid steel of the three drywall knives. While it has less flex than the blue and high carbon steel blades, it does not “bounce back” quite as well as the other two. If excessive pressure is frequently used, this knife will lose its shape.

Durability – The stainless steel knife is the most durable of the three blades, and will not rust.

Blue Steel:Blue Flex

Flexibility – In contrast to the stainless steel blade, the blue steel taping knife is the most flexible of the three. This flexibility enables the blade to maintain its shape under higher pressures, and will always bounce back to its original shape.

Durability – Although it is less likely to hold a bend, this knife is the least durable of the three. Due to the moisture of the compound, this steel is prone to rust. With proper care, rust on this blade can be delayed.

High Carbon Steel:

Flexibility – The high carbon steel stands a nice middle ground when it comes to flexibility. It is also capable of maintaining its shape close to the levels of the blue steel. While it will eventually bend, it takes much more pressure than the stainless steel.

Durability – This knife is nearly as rust resistant as the stainless steel. It will eventually rust over time, but not as quickly as a blue steel blade.


There are only slight variations between the Classic and Matrix handles of the Sheetrock Tools line.

Classic Handle:

The handle of the Sheetrock Tools Classic Drywall Taping Knife is superior to almost every handle available today. It is more comfortable and more practical than most drywall taping knives. It is equipped with a hammer head end used for striking and writing where needed. The grip on this handle provides comfort to its user that cannot be found on most other brands. Some would say that the only better handle is that of the Sheetrock Tools Matrix knife.

Matrix Handle:

This handle is simply an upgraded version of the Classic drywall knife handle. The hammer head on the Matrix handle is slightly enlarged for ease of striking and writing. In addition, the slip-resistant comfort soft grip is ideal for extended periods of use.Handles

Offset Handles:

An immensely popular variation of the standard drywall taping knife is the offset knife. The Sheetrock Tools offset taping knives have recently come back by popular demand. This style of taping knife offsets the handle of the knife from the blade. This version of the taping knife was originally designed to alleviate stress to the user’s wrist, increase maneuverability, and create distance between the users hand and the work surface. Due to its unique shape, the offset taping knife does not suit every person. However, those who love the offset handle prefer it to a standard taping knife.Offset

PRO Series

Sheetrock Tools recently launched its PRO Series taping knives. This new line of knives infuses the quality of the Sheetrock Tools brand into a more economical knife. The line features a 6” high carbon taping knife, as well as 8”, 10”, and 12” blue steel taping knives.Pro Series Knives

When fully breaking down the reason for the wide variety of drywall taping knives, one word comes to mind: Preference. We see such a vast selection of choices because everyone prefers something different. Whether these personal preferences stem from training or were born of instinct, they cannot always be explained. Fortunately, no matter if you prefer a stainless steel taping knife or a blue steel offset knife, you know that quality can be found with Sheetrock Tools.

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